About us

The establishment of Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery was a natural progression for mother and daughter team, Jennifer and Cheryl Stager. With a shared love for baking and baked goods, they have spent many happy hours working together in the kitchen. In particular, they love to create beautiful and delicious cakes and many celebrations for family and friends have featured their creations. As word of their skill and creativity spread, requests for customized cakes starting rolling in. It was then that Jennifer and Cheryl decided to branch out into the cake business and Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery was bocherylrn.

At Sugarbird, we pride ourselves on ensuring our baked goods not only look fabulous, but also taste fantastic. We work closely with our customers to ensure our custom-made cake designs are truly personalized. We also produce a variety of other baked goods such as cookies, cake pops, cupcakes and other desserts. We use only high quality ingredients and our products have no added preservatives.

Located in Durham Region, we proudly serve the Greater Toronto Area. You’re invited to take a peek at our website and see what we have to offer. Please visit the Contact page for further on requesting price quotes, etc.

Thank you for visiting Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery!